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Medical supplies and equipment to clinic and hospitals in rural areas of Anambra and Enugu states

 Computers, school supplies and equipment to primary and secondary schools in Anambra and Enugu states

 Communities, and organizations, such as orphanage, motherless centers, teen

pregnancy, etc.

 Primary and secondary schools

Economic Development

Promote international trade and investment opportunities among the state of Texas, Anambra State and Enugu state of Nigeria.


Educational conference and workshop in Awka and Enugu

 Provide online educational and career counseling service to tenth graders through college/university graduates from low income families in Austin-San Antonio, Texas, aimed at reducing school drop, outs rate among other

 Participate in educational mission

 Make merit, based scholarships yearly to high school graduates of low income families in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, that are college/university bound

 Expose students of low income families, starting from seven to eleven graders in middle and secondary schools to career opportunities in business, government and industry,

through planned group visits to participating local companies and organizations.

Fund Raising and In-Kind Contributions

Organising fund raising events to promote the activities of the association.


 Participate in medical mission

 Provide support to organizations that are engaged in the prevention of obesity, teen pregnancy, poverty, spread of infectious diseases, hunger, etc.

Annual Convention