Management of the affairs of ASASA International is to be vested in its members


ASASA International have four classes of members, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, (for full time students). Membership shall be opened to all Nigerians of Old Anambra State origin by birth, adoption, marriage, citizenship or a child whose parent(s) are from the Old Anambra State, and maintaining permanent resident in either Austin or San Antonio Metropolitan area


Any person seeking admission into ASASA International must possess the following qualities:

A. The person shall have a visible means of livelihood

B. The person shall be of unquestionable character

C. The person shall not have been convicted of any serious offense

D. The person (s) shall be above twenty one years of age

E. Any person wishing to be admitted into ASASA International shall complete fully, the

Association’s membership application and forward same with all required attachments

and fees through the Secretary who shall forward a copy of such application to the

Chairperson of the Admissions and Benefits Committee. The Admissions and Benefit

Committee shall review the applicant or qualifications and present the qualified

candidate to the General Membership or Executive Council for interview. To qualify for

membership, the applicant must earn a minimum score of seventy percent in the


F. The Chairperson of the Admissions and Benefits Committee shall send an official letter

to the applicant announcing the result of the interview. If the result is favorable, the

applicant shall be invited to the next General Membership meeting for introduction to

the General Membership. The applicant shall present a bottle of Hennessy and bottle of

Irish country cream to the members as a show of appreciation for becoming a member

of ASASA International. The following payments which include one month membership

dues and a one time registration fee of one hundred dollars shall be paid at that time.

G. All new members shall stay on probation for 12 months and shall be re-evaluated at the

end of probationary period by the Executive Council.

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For further information on how to join us, please contact our secretariat using the link below. 

Reasons For Joining

 Net- working Opportunity

 Make new friends

 Enjoy membership benefits for you and your family

 ASASA International is an affiliate of ASA-USA, meaning that you will be welcomed at any convention and conference sponsored by any of ASA-USA net work in the U.S

 Your financial support and/or membership dues would enable ASASA international to

participate along with other ASA organizations in the U.S., in educational and medical missions

among others in the Old Anambra State

 If you are in business, we can advertise your products or services on our Website


Membership in ASASA International has certain inalienable benefits. The

benefits shall be as follows for members in good financial standing.

A. All ASASA International members shall be entitled to vote during election,

either in person or by proxy, hold office, run for elections, represent the

association in conferences, and receive all the Association’s benefits.

B. Death – should a member die, the following procedure should be followed to

accord our final respect:

1. The President of Domestic Operations shall convene an

emergency meeting of the Executive Council.

2. The President of Domestic Operations shall inform all

members immediately

3. ASASA International, in consultation with the family shall

make all necessary arrangements for the transportation and

burial of the remains in the homeland or in the U.S. as the

family may prefer.

4. The President of Domestic Operations shall present a donation

ranging from $500 to $2000 depending on your membership

level as described in Article Four: 9.2 of the Constitution to the

bereaved family which will be financed by individual levy to

members. No tax exempt donations made to ASASA

International shall be used to pay members benefits.

5. All ASASA International member are required to attend the

wake keeping (if any) or pay a fine of $50.00

6. In the event of the death of a member’s mother or father, all

members shall attend the wake keeping (if any) organized for

the benefit of the family. A donation of $200.00 shall be given

to the bereaved family.

7. In the event of the death of a member’s child, all members

shall attend the wake keeping (if any) organized for the

benefit of the family. A donation of $100.00 shall be given to

the bereaved family.

8. If a member has illness or involved in an accident and

hospitalized for three or more days, ASASA International

members shall pay such member a visit.

9. The member affected by a 8 above shall be exempted from all

levies, dues and fees until he/she is well.


The Committee Structure at ASASA International is follows

1. Advisory Council

2. Disciplinary/Ethics Committee

3. Economic Development committee

4. Education/Scholarship Committee

5. Executive Council

6. Finance committee

7. Internal Audit Committee

8. International Conference and Workshop Committee

9. Admissions and Benefits Committee

10. Public Relations Committee

11. Health and Social Welfare Committee

12. Convention Committee

13. Fund Raising and Special Events Committee